Through our links with key local suppliers and tradesmen, we are able to obtain competitive rates and savings which are passed directly to the client. Also, through close control of the project as well as checking of all invoices for errors we are able to minimise risk of overspend and loss.

Trouble Free

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All tenders and contracts are organised and arranged by ourselves with the overall decision being made by the client based on information received. All general works, sub contractor works, deliveries and deadlines are monitored by ourselves and advised upon to the client.

Quality and Speed

By engaging with sub contractors with a proven track record of high quality results and by carefully planning and closely supervising all site works as they progress, a quality product can be ensured every time and on time.Luxury Homes provides full program schedule from Microsoft Project.


We ensure all our projects comply with industry safety standards, ensuring all insurances are in place before commencement and employing a safety officer to further reduce risk and insurances.We are qualified to act as Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS).

Daily Tasks

Implementing work procedures;
Interpreting and explaining building plans to staff;
Troubleshooting and problem solving;
Budgeting and managing financial resources;
Quality evaluation and control;
Upholding compliance with environmental protection standards;
Sourcing and supervising the use of building materials;
Selecting and managing building and construction contractors; and
Applying building codes, standards, and structural principles to construction.


Typically, employing a Project Manager can return savings of 15-25% of contract cost. Typical Project Manager cost 5-7%.

We use Buildertrend for our Construction Management software see more