HEALTHIER – for you and the environment

Air Barriers & Air Sealing – Protects living areas from garage fumes & outdoor contaminants for healthier indoor quality. Reduces energy loss and eliminates drafts.
Water-saver taps & Shower Heads – Conserve water without sacrificing function.
Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Paint -Provide healthier indoor air quality
MERV 8 Filters air better, reduces particles & provides healthier indoor air quality. Traps more of the stuff that makes us sneeze!
AFFORDABLE – your home costs less to operate

Advanced Construction Techniques
Allows for improved insulation methods that reduce heat transfer and lower energy costs.
PassiV Windows & Doors
Radient Barrier Roof Sheathing- Increases energy efficiency and alleviates extreme attic temperatures by reflecting heat out of the attic.
Each home tested and receives a BERS rating.- Evaluates energy efficiency and projects expected energy savings.
Programmable Thermostat- Adjusts temperature based on your custom settings to save on energy costs.
FEATURES – included with you in mind.

Music Port with Two Speakers -Just plug and play Listen to your favourite music while you unpack, cook dinner or entertain!
Home Network, Office and Entertainment – Structures cabling for multiple computers.
Central Vacuum System – Maximum cleaning power throughout the house.
Stash Centre -Stash your stuff and stay organised.
Closet Shelving System with Superslide Rods.
SMART – Building with Luxury Homes is the Smart choice
Quality Assurance

Members of Construction Industry Federation
Members of Construction Industry Register Ireland
Members of Homebond
Fully Insured and Tax complaint – Certificates available on request